Positive Impacts for Children and Preschools

Starting at an early age, children deserve the opportunity to receive a good education and compassionate care. At Brighton Our World, DBA is BOW, we have made this our mission. We want to positively impact the lives of children with preschool programs, scholarships, and charities that work hand in hand. In addition to our charities, we also offer many volunteer opportunities for service and events throughout the year, including family volunteer days that allow families and their children to get involved within their community.

Since 2009, we’ve been proud of the positive impact we’ve made in the lives of children around the world, but we know the work is not done. Through our compassionate and charitable sponsors, we can reach and support children in various communities, regardless of the demographic or economic needs of the area.

If you are interested in joining Brighton Our World, DBA is BOW or learning more about the impact our scholarship opportunities for children and preschools have made, we welcome you to contact us today!