Junior Heroes


Junior Heroes: Supporting Our Youngest Heroes

We understand that military families make tremendous sacrifices to protect our country.

While our brave men and women in uniform serve, their children also carry a significant burden. That is why we have created the Junior Heroes initiative, a special program dedicated to honoring and recognizing the youngest members of military families; our Junior Heroes!

Recognizing Their Sacrifice

Junior Heroes is all about acknowledging the sacrifices these children make when their parents are deployed. We want them to know that we appreciate their resilience and strength during these challenging times.

Learning and Empathy

Our initiative goes beyond gratitude; it's about education and empathy. We aim to help children understand the importance of service and the sacrifices their parents make. Through interactive lessons and activities, we provide insights into the different branches of the military, fostering a deeper appreciation for their parents' work.

Care Packages of Gratitude

One of the highlights of the Junior Heroes initiative is our care package program. We've partnered with Ft. Cavazos (formerly known as Ft. Hood) to create and deliver special care packages to military children when their parent is deployed. These packages are filled with age-appropriate items, heartfelt letters, and tokens of appreciation, letting these young heroes know that they are seen and valued.

Join Us in Honoring Junior Heroes

We invite you to be a part of our Junior Heroes initiative.

You can get involved by donating to our care package drive or participating in our family serve days. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of military children and show them the support and gratitude they truly deserve.

Join BOW in honoring and supporting our Junior Heroes. Together, we can make a difference in their lives. CTA "Get Involved" button that leads to a form to get involved with a donation button on the form.

Share the Junior Heroes initiative on social media to raise awareness and support.